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25 factsheets to guide MEPs

BLOOM and the Fabrique Écologique have joined forces to help future MEPs understand all the issues affecting the future of (…)

The government lies on giant trawlers

On 28 November, the French government committed yet another astounding feat. On the set of the program “Les super-pouvoirs de (…)

France’s radio silence on the ocean

This Friday 6 October an important meeting between European institutions will take place in Brussels to prepare the implementation of (…)

Tuna fishing lobbies caught red-handed

We knew it all along and they have just proved it: industrial fishing lobbies influence the official positions of States (…)

BLOOM calls on the EU to support environmental protection in the Indian Ocean

While two potentially game-changing meetings start today in Mombasa (Kenya) that could determine a clear improvement for the vastly degraded state of health of tuna populations and other marine life in the Indian Ocean, we call on the EU to completely change its stance and adopt the urgent measures tabled by India to protect the marine environment.

COP15: other issues addressed in the Kunming-Montreal agreement

The 195 Member States of the Convention on Biological Diversity have agreed on a number of key issues such as deep sea protection, restoration of degraded ecosystems, advocacy for the rights of indigenous people, the rights of nature, and funding for nature protection in developing countries.

Marine protected areas that protect unreachable and unexploited areas

An analysis conducted by French marine NGO BLOOM reveals today that the marine protected areas under strict protection of the French Southern Territories, which President Macron proudly claimed to have tripled in size at the Brest Summit in February 2022, is located in an area that has never been the subject of industrial fishing.

Der Schwindel mit dem MSC-Siegel

Die Wahrheit über das größte Fischerei-Logo aufgedeckt BLOOM und seine Co-Autoren von den Universitäten von New York (USA) und Dalhousie (…)

The sham of the MSC label

The biggest fishing label’s reality uncovered BLOOM and co-authors from the universities of New York (United States) and Dalhousie (Canada) (…)

Possible endgame for electric fishing

The date for the next Trilogue meeting between the European Commission, the EU Council (Member States) and the European Parliament (…)

Electric fishing: the worst was avoided

Paris, 5 October 2018 The European “trilogue” negotiations on electric fishing nearly adopted an outrageous compromise on October 4 that (…)

The European Parliament under high tension

PRESS RELEASE, Brussels/Strasbourg After the suspension of parliamentary activity during the Christmas period, the controversy over electric fishing has ensured (…)

Deep-sea regulation stuck in Parliament

  The Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament announced this morning that the vote on the deep-sea fishing regulation will (…)

Deep trouble for deep-water species

A new study reveals severe mismanagement of European deep-water stocks, according to this week’s online version of the journal Ocean & (…)

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