For truly protected marine areas (MPAs)

France stands out for its mediocrity in protecting marine biodiversity. Although our country is the world’s second largest maritime power after the United States, we rank 17th in regards to our ratio of marine protected areas (MPAs): unlike the United States, which protects 23% of its EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone), or the United Kingdom, which sanctuarized 39% of its waters (see the MPA Atlas), France protects less than 4% of its waters. These protected areas are mostly located in remote areas such as the Southern Ocean.

In metropolitan France, far from the announcements made with much fanfare by President Macron stating that France protects “more than 30%” of its marine territory, the percentage of protection drops to almost non-existent levels: in the Channel as well as in the Atlantic and North Sea, only 0.005% of French waters are fully protected.

Therefore, although marine protected areas (MPAs) are essential solutions for restoring oceanic biodiversity, marine habitats and the planet’s climate, it is now obvious that their current implementation is a failure: the vast majority of so-called “protected” marine areas are not protected at all.

In 2009, after obtaining France’s commitment to protect 20% of its EEZ, half of which in strict “no-take” zones, BLOOM is re-engaging itself in the fight for MPAs, faced with the obvious fact the State failed in its mission.


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