BLOOM’s team

  • Founder &  Honorary President, Mrs Claire Nouvian
  • Board Chair, M. Flavien Kulawik
  • Treasurer, Mrs Anne Oppetit
  • Scientific director, Dr Frédéric Le Manach
  • Operations director, Laurence Morisseau
  • Administrative assistant, Mrs Alexia Lahaye
  • Programmes director, Jasmina Peri
  • Advocacy and campaigns director, Dr Swann Bommier
  • Project leader, Dr Valérie Le Brenne
  • Project leader, Laetitia Bisiaux
  • Data scientist senior, Dr. Augustin Lafond
  • Campaign assistant, Sarah Lecoq
  • Carbon campaign manager, Hadrien Goux
  • Markets campaign manager, Pauline Bricault
  • Advocacy and campaigns officer, Maud Maury
  • Campaign and research officer, Alessandro Manzotti
  • Project manager, Julie Guterman
  • Project manager, Natasha Mallet
  • Project manager, Théophile Froment
  • Intern, Clara Bolac
  • Legal expert, Joséphine Valette
  • Litigation and advocacy officer, Aymeric Thillaye Du Boullay
  • Communications officer, Sandrine Samii
  • Communications officer, Clémentine Goujon
  • Video coordinator, Yseult Berger
  • Digital fundraising, Clément Bernaudin


  • The non-profit organization SynLab
  • The non-profit organizationLes Atomes Crochus
  • The non-profit organization Et Demain


  • Mrs Claire Nouvian
  • M. Flavien Kulawik
  • Mrs Maryline Kulawik
  • M. Pejman Memarzadeh
  • Mrs Anne Oppetit
  • M. Frédéric Potter
  • Mrs Annabel Rémusat, représentante des adhérents
  • Mrs Caroline Sénéclauze
  • Mrs Hélène Wagner

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