Valérie Le Brenne

Originating in Bretagne, it is between the north and south Finistère coasts that Valérie Le Brenne spent her childhood between walks on the dunes and swimming in the brilliant waters of the Atlantic and the English Channel. After two years of prep classes in Brest, Valérie pursued her studies in Paris and turned toward political science. Admitted into the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, she decided to then specialize in International Relations and was primarily interested in environmental research.

With her Master’s in her pocket, she then decided to pursue her work as a part of a Doctorate’s thesis that she dedicated to the governance of the ocean, more specifically the management of global fisheries. Engaged in BLOOM’s campaign for the ban of deep sea trawling, it was during a public conference organized in November of 2014 at the “Maison des acteurs du Paris durable” that she met Claire Nouvian and the entire BLOOM team before joining them as an intern in 2015. Action, engagement, and putting research first, all the ingredients are there for a marvelous recipe, and this one’s a favorite.

In July 2015, Valérie joins the team as a full employee and is awarded a CIFRE grant (Industrial Training Convention by Research managed by the National Association of Research and Technology), a measure that allows PhD students to achieve their theses while working within associations, local authorities, or businesses. And there is just a part of three years of an intellectual and human experience that is truly extraordinary.

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