Independent research

BLOOM’s research activities

BLOOM engages in independent research to produce critical analysis and expertise, providing an alternative perspective to the dominant lines of thought about fishing as well as the lack of transparency surrounding data on public funding.

BLOOM is inspired by the scientific work that Daniel Pauly conducted with his teams at the University of British Columbia in Canada and desires, naturally on a much smaller scale (it is a very large university research team), to create a similar research hub in France, free from various pressures and from productivist dogma. Today in France, as in many powerful fishing nations (Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Norway, Japan etc.), researchers are often still trained in a culture of optimizing productivity and returns.

They consequently struggle to integrate the environmental and ecosystemic dimension into their thought and management model, a phenomenon brilliantly described and analysed by Daniel Pauly in the article (an essential read): “Beyond duplicity and ignorance in global fisheries” (2009).

BLOOM’s scientific publications

Public Subsidies

25 June 2021 – V. Le Brenne et al., Sustainable objectives and commitments deceived by fisheries subsidies for ‘temporary cessations’ in times of COVID. Marine Policy, (2021).

29 September 2020 – A. Schuhbauer et al., The Global Fisheries Subsidies Divide Between Small- and Large-Scale Fisheries. Frontiers in Marine Science (2020).

7 September 2020 – D. Skerritt et al., A 20-year retrospective on the provision of fisheries subsidies in the European Union. ICES Journal of Marine Science (2020).

23 March 2019 – F. Le Manach et al., Public subsidies have supported the development of electric trawling in Europe. Marine Policy (2019).

Misleading labels

4 May 2020 – F. Le Manach et al., Small is beautiful, but large is certified: A comparison between fisheries the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) features in its promotional materials and MSC-certified fisheries. Plos One (2020).

Industrial Fisheries

21 September 2019 – A. Coulter et al., Using harmonized historical catch data to infer the expansion of global tuna fisheries. Fisheries research (2019).

9 January 2017 – T. Cashion et al., Most fish destined for fishmeal production are food-grade fish. Fish&Fisheries (2017).


6 january 2015 – J. Bénard-Capelle et al., Fish mislabelling in France: substitution rates and retail types. Peerj (2015).

Deep-Sea Fishing

29 September 2012 – S. Villasante et al., Sustainability of deep-sea fish species under the European Union Common Fisheries Policy. Ocean & Coastal Management (2012).

BLOOM’s studies


March 2013 – February 2014 – Fish labelling fraud in France. (French)

2013 – Ranking of French Supermarkets. Ranking the sustainability of French supermarkets regarding fish products (French)

June 2011 – Guide to Sustainable Fish Consumption (French)

Deep-Sea Fishing

March 2015 – The beauty and the beast. Follow up on the use of deep-sea shark liver oil in the beauty industry (French).

2012 – The impact of deep-sea fisheries on jobs in France (French)

November 2011 – The hideous price of beauty. An investigation into the market of deep-sea shark liver oil

September 2011 – Deep-Sea Fisheries in France: a Historical and Economic Perspective

May 2011 – The Ecological and Socio-Economic Profile of Deep-Sea Fisheries (French)

May 2011 – Do our children eat at-risk fish species? BLOOM’s Study on School Canteens (full manuscript – French)

May 2011 – At-risk fish species served in school canteens BLOOM’s study on school canteens (summary)

31 August – 3 Sept 2010 – Can ecosystem-based deep-sea fishing be sustained? Summary of an International Scientific Workshop November 2010 – The fraud of the French “Deep-Sea Mission” –  Letter to French Minister of Ecology Jean-Louis Borloo: English version | French version Appendices to the letter to Jean-Louis Borloo, dated 2 November : English version | French version

Documents of partner organizations : Deep Sea Conservation Coalition and The Pew Environment Group

May 2011 – Information on the deep sea (French) Top 10 : Panorama of Deep-Sea Fishing in the North-East Atlantic

May 2011 – Deep Impact (French) Les faits, rien que les faits… sur les grands fonds marins et la pêche en eaux profondes dans l’Atlantique nord-est

March 2011 – The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition 2011-2012 Overview

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