ISSEY MIYAKE and BLOOM Association raise awareness in the fashion world to the fragile beauty of the deep oceans

Amazed by the extraordinary world he found in the book ABYSSES by Claire Nouvian, designer Yusuke Takahashi used the fantastic deep-sea marine bestiary as an inspiration for the ISSEY MIYAKE Men collection Spring/Summer 2015, presented this June 26 to the international press.

“We replicated and saturated in colors some of the mysterious inhabitants of this fragile ecosystem. The deep-sea habitat of these fascinating creatures is full of surprises that remain to be explored. Collaboration between ISSEY MIYAKE MEN and BLOOM Association aims to explore the fascinating beauty of deep-sea fauna and highlight the need to protect it” says the designer Yusuke Takahashi.

Surrounded by eternal darkness and plunged into the icy cold, deep oceans form the largest reservoir of species on our planet, a stunning biodiversity that is only beginning to uncover its secrets. Today, this “new frontier” is threatened by unsustainable and destructive human activities, mostly deep-sea bottom trawling with nets plunging deeper than 1 500 meters. Protecting these strikingly beautiful creatures is one of the crucial issues of our century and BLOOM’s main mission.

“BLOOM is fighting to ban deep-sea bottom trawling, weighted nets which devastate in seconds ecosystems that have taken thousands of years to form. Currently, Europe discusses the ban of deep-sea bottom trawling, which would be the most effective measure to protect this huge reservoir of life, occupying two thirds of the planet. The support of ISSEY MIYAKE is invaluable because we protect only what we know, “says Claire Nouvian, founder of BLOOM.

When the collection is launched, an awareness campaign will be held in all ISSEY MIYAKE shops worldwide, enabling customers of the brand to discover the extraordinary and extremely fragile creatures that live in this vulnerable marine environment and discover how threatened they are.


Read the press release in PDF here.

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