The European Parliament under high tension

PRESS RELEASE, Brussels/Strasbourg

After the suspension of parliamentary activity during the Christmas period, the controversy over electric fishing has ensured a return of high tension holidays in the European Parliament. The “Technical Measures” Regulation, which will be voted on in Plenary next Tuesday 16 January in Strasbourg, integrates dozens of harmful measures for the conservation of marine resources and the sustainability of fishing activities, including the possibility of using electric current to catch fish.

The French NGO BLOOM has been this week in Brussels, together with affected artisanal fishermen, warning of the environmental and social dangers derived from this method of fishing, as well as reporting the scandal of the misrepresentation of scientific recommendations that allowed, in the year 2006, its authorization. Organized on Wednesday an event co-hosted by MEPs from various political groups (ADLE, CRE, GUE / NGL, S & D and Los Verdes / ALE) 1 in which several announcements were made demonstrating a strong mobilization of public opinion and professionals against Electric fishing.

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