Deep Sea: What is the problem?

A destructive fishing method

The fishing method: deep-sea trawling Around 80% of deep-sea fishing in the world is carried out using deep-sea trawls – (…)


Overview Research carried out in the North Atlantic and the South Pacific has clearly shown that deep-sea trawls destroy almost (…)

Carbon Footprint

The Carbon footprint of global fishing A study of 250 fisheries around the world (click here to read the study), (…)

Unprofitable fishing fleets

In 2009, deep-sea fishing accounted for 1.48% of French fisheries in terms of the volume of catch landed (7300 of (…)

Fishing funded by our taxes

The total amount of subsidies given to deep-sea fishing fleets is a key element to governance in the public interest, (…)

Vulnerable species with low resilience

Deep-sea species are characterized by slow growth, high or extremely high longevity, late sexual maturity and low fertility, biological characteristics (…)

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