Deep Sea: What does Science say?


Key Ideas Deep-sea fisheries developed well in advance of scientific knowledge. Today, deep-sea fisheries operate blindly – that is, without (…)


THE STRATEGY OF THE INDUSTRIAL FISHING LOBBY “An ideology is a closed system of beliefs and values that shapes the (…)

Scientists call for a moratorium

In 2004, 1136 scientists from 69 countries asked the United Nations General Assembly to declare a moratorium on deep-sea, bottom (…)

What scientists say

“The general consensus is that deep-water fisheries are unsustainable and most, if not all, should be closed.” Dr John Gordon (…)

Sustainable deep-sea fisheries: an oxymoron?

An FAO publication (Mace & Sissenwine, “Can Deep-Water Fisheries be managed sustainably”) establishes that there are no substantial sustainable deepwater fisheries  (cf. (…)

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