Cartoon deep-sea bottom trawling

UK Petition to stop French deep-sea trawlers destroying UK natural marine heritage


A UK petition has been posted that calls on the British government to take a strong position against French deep-sea trawlers coming to ravage UK waters.
One has to be British in order to sign so can you please widely share and post and send around?
100,000 signatures will force a debate on the UK government it seems (haven’t had time to look at procedures, working around the clock in Brussels right now).
Right now the UK has decided to fully support France in the Council of EU Fisheries Ministers in order to block any discussion and progress on the ban of deep-sea bottom trawling, this is an OUTRAGE.
All 10 French deep-sea bottom trawlers could destroy the size of Paris in less than 2 days (and of course 10 times more days for London which is huge!).
This massacre of the largest reservoir of species on Earth is happening in YOUR Waters for no benefits at all as most of these boats belong to the giant retailer “Intermarché” that flies its fishermen with a private jet to Lochinver in Scotland and sends fish down to France with its own trucks.
The UK government CAN and SHOULD stop this, it’s intolerable that they’re backing up France against the interest of their own people.
Please share as widely as you can to UK residents and nationals and start a movement!
The French comic strip that tells the whole story of this French fraud (yet another) is here but watch out: it links to BLOOM’s incredibly successful petition to French President Hollande but we need UK citizens to sign the UK petition so if you send the comic strip around, please make sure you mention CLEARLY that they are welcome to sign BOTH petitions but if only ONE had to be signed as a UK citizen, it’s this one:
Here is a picture if you want to use it to post with the petition.
If you know student networks or other networks that work well with social media, please don’t hesitate, we NEED the UK to do better!
Thank you for your help. We have a few days to the Plenary vote of the European Parliament on Dec. 10th. Any pressure from within the UK will encourage UK MEPs to do the right thing. For the moment, they would have to vote against their government position to make heavily subsidized French industrial fleets happy. This makes NO SENSE!

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