The wild west of tuna fishing lobbies: an investigation by BLOOM

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  • Summary — Understand it all in just two pages
  • A case that perfectly illustrates the collusion between the public and private sectors
    • The tip of the iceberg
    • A war prize for the tuna lobbies
    • A Maritime Affairs Officer
    • …at the “disposal” of the industrial lobbies ransacking African waters
    • The anomalies of the “compatibility opinion”
  • The concrete effects on the law: a pervert reporting mechanism
    • Masks are off
    • A defector at a turning point for tuna fishing
  • Years of fraud with the blessing of the French government
    • … and the Spanish government
  • A threat to marine life
  • The reform of the Control Regulation
  • The all-powerful industrial fishing and tuna fishing lobbies
  • European tuna fisheries in Africa
    • France and Spain, the heavyweights of tuna fishing
    • What is the health of tuna populations at the global level?
  • Conclusion & demands


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