Let’s show our governments across Europe that we care about the deep ocean and want them to hear us and to ban deep-sea bottom trawling!

Below the list of tweet handles according to where you are in Europe:

The UK supports France in its determination to derail the ban although the bulk of deep-sea bottom trawling occurs off the British Isles, especially off Scotland. The UK Fisheries Minister George Eustice has decided to support destructive foreign fleets over the preservation of the UK’s natural heritage. This is an outrage!

Together let’s force the UK government to take our will into consideration.

  • Tweet the UK government and Fisheries Minister George Eustice:

Pls RT UK and EU citizens + #streetart community ask you 2 stop bulldozing the #deepsea! @DefraGovUK #DeepStreetArt http://bit.ly/1klxiBI 

Pls RT EU #streetart community stands up against #deepsea bottom #trawling, so should you! @DefraGovUK #deepstreetart http://bit.ly/1klxiBI

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