The Fisheries Control Regime: 2008/2009

This project, which has since become law, was intended to strengthen EU control within the Common Fisheries Policy.


BLOOM has worked alongside Pew and Greenpeace to get the European regulation for fisheries controls adopted without removal of the strong measures specified in Articles 95, 82 and 84, which would guarantee the effectiveness of the new system of control.


Article 95: Conditions of the granting of Community support upon Member States’ respect of Common Fisheries Policy rules.

Articles 82 and 84: Penalties for serious infringements.


It has repeatedly been shown that sanctions applied by member States for serious infringements is not enough of a deterrent, and that significant discrepancies between Member States exist for the same infraction.  Articles 82 and 84 aimed to unite sanction systems within the framework of the Common Fisheries Policy. The regulation was successfully adopted in November 2009 (Council Regulation n°1224/2009).  

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