The “Grenelle de la Mer”


BLOOM and the WWF created an NGO platform which assumed its full potential during the 2009 “Grenelle de la Mer” (Seas Summit) negotiations. Out of the Grenelle’s 138 commitments, the principle victories for the protection of oceans were:


  • Most significantly: France set its goal for the creation of marine protected areas at a level exceeding the objectives set by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD): 10% of the French EEZ by 2012 (not achieved so far) and 20% in 2020, half of which must consist of marine reserves (“no-take” zones).
  • France made a commitment to support the inclusion of bluefin tuna to CITES listing (Doha meeting in March 2010).
  • A national commitment to implement the ecosystem-based approach to fisheries, with six UEGC pilot sites (Units of concerted operation and management).

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