Claire Nouvian asks the UK government to take a stand for the deep sea


Today, on Richard Branson’s ocean portal, Claire Nouvian writes a piece on her discovery of the deep sea and the recent outcomes of the European debate. She urges the UK government to take a stand for the deep sea.


Here are some chosen extracts:


So far, the UK government is even opposing the phase out that is on the table for EU discussion although the UK does not have ships that specialise in targeting deepwater fish like the French and Spanish do.


Deep-sea fish don’t even make their way into the UK market. But Spanish and French trawlers do come to British waters, especially around Scotland, to target a handful of deep-sea species, catching and throwing away up to 100 other animal species in the process, including critically endangered deepwater sharks.


I can’t think of a single reason for the UK government to defend foreign vessels wrecking its heritage. You thought the weirdos were those coming from the ocean’s depths? Think twice.


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