A rescue plan for the next ten years

BLOOM partners with 101 environmental organisations[1] and signs the Blue Manifesto published today, Tuesday 28 January 2020. This European plan to save the ocean by 2030 includes concrete actions at different deadlines to stop overfishing, degradation and pollution of the ocean and coastal areas.

These changes will have to take place at sea, but also on land. The NGO call for :

  •   Strong or complete protection of at least 30% of the ocean by 2030;
  •   A complete transition to low-impact selective fishing;
  •   An ocean free of pollution;
  •  An organization of human activities that allows the restoration of marine ecosystems.

Although the European Commission has recently committed itself through the ‘European Green Deal’ to implement climate and biodiversity strategies, the ocean is the forgotten part of this green pact. The essential role that the ocean plays in climate regulation is no longer to be proven, as the IPCC’s special report on the ocean and the crysosphere published on 24 September 2019 does not fail to underline. The ocean must be an integral part of these strategies that will help redirect investment and legislation towards a climate-resilient and ecologically diverse future.

This is why the European NGO that advocate for the defence of the marine environment are mobilising and are today launching an appeal to the European institutions and political decision-makers by proposing a rescue plan for the next ten years.


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