French Ecology Minister tweets against deep-sea bottom trawling

One one hand, France is still blocking the European legislation because of its fierce opposition to the ban on deep-sea bottom trawling. On the other hand, French Ecology Minister Ségolene Royal clearly spoke publicly against this fishing technique and tweeted “To know, love and protect the ocean with scientists… We need to stop deep-sea bottom trawling, it’s clear”.

What is at stake is the preservation of highly vulnerable marine ecosystems and the commitment of France to transition towards a more ecological model, relegating the most destructive fishing methods to the past.


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Today, the newspaper “Le Marin” relays a “tweet war” between the tweet Segolene Royal sent to stop deep-sea bottom trawling and another tweet from Gwendal Rouillard, Socialist MP of Brittany, which seems to call to order the Minister on France‘s commitments to protect this destructive fishery. A new episode fabricated for the “deep-sea bottom trawling controversy“! Read it here in French


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The European deep-sea regulation is still not progressing at the European Council of Ministers. Therefore 28 European NGOs sent a letter today to the Italian Presidency of the EU for a call to action. Read it here

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