Our Ocean: Total Destruction

BLOOM & The Green Connection unite against TotalEnergies’ destructive project in South Africa

In South Africa, TotalEnergies is getting ready to set off a new climate bomb: on 5 September 2022, the group applied for a production license to exploit two major gas fields which could contain one billion barrels of oil equivalent off the coast of South Africa. TotalEnergies plans to invest around $3billion to launch operations in South Africa’s waters in areas of spectacular marine biodiversity and at the expense of wildlife and of small-scale fishers’ livelihoods.

Liziwe McDaid (The Green Connection – South Africa) and Claire Nouvian (BLOOM – France), two Goldman Prize winners, come together to launch the #OceanTotalDestruction campaign and call on TotalEnergies to renounce to its harmful offshore oil & gas projects in South Africa.

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