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The toxic decree aiming at knocking down efficient forces of opposition (BLOOM is small but sturdy!)

The decree n°2011-832, dated from July 12, 2011, reforming “the approval of associations and the terms of designation of approved associations, organizations and foundations of public utility within specific consultative bodies dedicated to examine the policies related to environment and sustainable development” actually excluded expert associations (which do not seek fame) from environmental public debates and management boards of companies or research institutes.

This decree forces BLOOM to gain in popularity as an NGO involved in a reasonable and fair use of public goods with recruitment of members in order to reach the minimum threshold set by the first article of the Environmental Code’s article R. 141-21 stipulating that an association “wanting to be part of an environmental debate taking place within national consultative bodies must comply with the condition aimed by the first article of the Environmental Code’s article R. 141-21 when it justifies, for the exercise preceding the filing date of the request, a number of members, who have paid their fees, higher than 2,000. These members must be domiciled in six regions at least, none of which can gather more than the half of the total amount of members.”

This decree was harshly criticized by Corinne Lepage, see the blog article she wrote just after its publication.

Conclusion: join us and let everyone know that this “sarkozian” decree is a pure product of the industrial lobbies. Thank you


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