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The Dark Side of Aquaculture

How industrial fisheries reduce perfectly edible wild fish into fishmeal to farm carnivorous fish, pigs and poultry. BLOOM dived into (…)

Analysis of the Scapeche accounts

The fleet of French supermarket chain Intermarché, “Scapêche”, is the largest French deep-sea fleet, with six bottom trawlers targeting deep-sea (…)

Deep Impact

Facts, only facts…on the great seabeds and deep-sea fishing in the North-East Atlantic ocean

BLOOM’s Study on School Canteens

  BLOOM’s Study on School Canteens (full manuscript – French) : Do our children eat at-risk fish species? BLOOM’s Study on (…)

Deep-Sea Fisheries Report

  The Ecological and Socio-Economic Profile of Deep-Sea Fisheries (in French)

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