The exhibition “The Deep” in Singapore

The exhibition-event, The Deep, was inaugurated in Singapore on the 5th of June, in the presence of Claire Nouvian, curator of the exhibition. It will remain open until October 27, 2015. After travelling in almost 10 countries, the exhibition ‘THE DEEP’ has been unveiled at the ArtScience Museum of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, More…

“Poulpe fiction”: a student competition

For the past three years, Bloom has collaborated with the non-profit organizations Synlab and Les Atomes Crochus (specialized in the popularization of science via scientific shows and clowns) to organize an annual international art/science competition on the deep sea in primary, secondary and high schools.    The 2013 edition will be called “Poulpe Fiction”; read more here: (in French). More…

Bloom on the Ocean Park’s Education Advisory Committee

Bloom has recently become a member of the Ocean Park’s Education Advisory Committee (EAC). Ocean Park in Hong Kong hosts 5 million visitors annually, which makes it one of the world’s 15 most attended theme parks.

Collaboration about a science festival

Since 2010, BLOOM has been a member of the scientific advisory board of the “Paris Montagne” festival of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm). The festival aims to bring a knowledge and a love of science to young people.

Conferences and lectures about the deep sea

Ever since 2006, Bloom has offered conferences and lectures for the general public, children and students, as well as training for Biology teachers and lecturers.


Programme de connaissance des milieux marins développé avec les enseignants de la cité scolaire Jean Moulinde Montmorillon (86) pour les 9-18 ans.

Creation of “The Shark Squad”, an educational musical with large puppets.

“The Shark Squad” is a detective play for children, which addresses problems of overfishing, damaged ecosystems, unsustainable consumption habits, the wastefulness of bycatch and discards, species extinction and habitat destruction… The show also tells us about the solutions! It was coproduced by BLOOM and “Et Demain” (a non-profit organization which produces environmental theater plays), in More…

“The Deep” Exhibition

THE DEEP exhibition gains an educational section on shark extinctions and deep-sea bottom trawling, curtesy of Bloom.

A didactic booklet for students

A didactic, 26-pages-long booklet on the marin environment has been distributed to 60 000 students in Hong Kong.  


Animation informatique interactive en temps réel des fonds océaniques développée avec l’artiste Renaud Chabrier (cible : enfants de 9 à14 ans) pour le festival des sciences ‘Paris Montagne’ de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure. Objectif : développer une approche ludique de l’enseignement des notions de vulnérabilité écosystémique et des problèmes poses par l’exploitation des ressources profondes.


Depuis 2005 – Marraine du projet Générations Océans et de la Semaine de la Mer

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