Proposal to ban deep-sea trawling in Europe: July 2012

The European Commission proposed a ban on deep-sea trawling in the upcoming European regulation on deep-sea fishing, which was made public on 19 July 2012. By the end of 2013, we should know whether this measure, born of the courageous vision of French Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki, will be adopted by the European Parliament and Council.

PEW’s Analysis

Pew’s explanation of why we should support the Commission’s Proposal: Deep-sea fisheries and vulnerable ecosystems in the northeast Atlantic (Juillet 2012)

Trawling banned in the Antarctic: 2006

In the Southern Ocean (managed by CCAMLR), deep-sea trawling in international Antarctic waters has been banned since 2006, under Conservation measure 22-05 (2006).

Six good reasons to ban deep-sea trawling

  1. High-seas bottom trawling has spread rapidly but is of minor economic importance.
  2. Bottom trawling is the world’s most destructive type of fishing.
  3. Deep-sea fishes are inherently vulnerable to overfishing.
  4. Deep-sea ecosystems are severely damaged by bottom trawling.
  5. Scientific understanding is inadequate for sustainable deep-sea bottom-trawl fisheries.
  6. Management and governance are inadequate for sustainable deep-sea bottom trawl fisheries.

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Some nations have already acted to protect their marine ecosystem, by banning shallow-water trawling. For more information, see the following document by NGO Oceana: click here 

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