The Hong Kong Team

Stan Shea
Marine Programme Director


Stan is the most long-standing member of BLOOM Association Hong Kong. Joined in 2009, he is the face and steer of all of BLOOM’s projects in Hong Kong, whether in research, advocacy or outreach. He believes strongly in spreading the message of conservation as a key step in protecting the oceans, and to date his seminars have reached over thousands of people worldwide.

Stan was awarded the prestigious 2023 Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation, which integrates him in an international network of leading marine experts as well as supports his conservation-oriented research on reef fish in Hong Kong.

Stan holds a BSc in Environmental Sciences from Oxford Brookes University and a Master’s degree in Ecology and Biodiversity from The University of Hong Kong.


Kathleen Ho
Marine Programme Manager

IMG_4610Kathleen joined the BLOOM HK office in January 2015, after obtaining a BSocSc degree in Geography and an M.Phil. in environmental ethics, both from The University of Hong Kong.

At BLOOM HK, Kathleen is chiefly responsible for managing ongoing projects of the marine programme, assisting with field research, and engaging the younger audiences for information sharing seminars.

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