Sabine Rosset

BLOOM director Sabine Rosset, trained in Chinese language and civilizations, has angled her entire professional career in the direction of marketing and communications development in a variety of sectors ranging from financial and economic press to sailing, to cinema, to the creation of “prêt-à-porter” fashion, and to integrating micro-businesses and SME’s into the communication agency.

Her experience was principally deployed in the small structures whose development she guided in offering her pragmatic, functional, and efficiency-concerned vision. She notably put in place strategies that aimed to develop the business culture and internal communication of big businesses. She equally managed a team of five in the commercial development and marketing of a press agency dedicated the economic and financial information of the internet sector. She conceived, planned, and guided many projects and events, managed the budget in an optimal way, researched, and implemented institutional partnerships with the media, notably in the cinema.

The entirety of her work in these small structures allowed her to develop her strong skills of adaptation and flexibility, which, coupled with her skills in material communication and development, have taught her to optimize budgets and to do very much with very little. The ideal candidate to assist Claire Nouvian!

Discretely engaged as a benefactor in the community for which she researches finances and a lover of the ocean whose closeness balances her, in 2012 she chose to align her personal and professional values and join BLOOM in order to contribute to the development of this NGO alongside a team with whom she shares visions and commitments.

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