Our Mission

Notre MissionBLOOM is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 that works to preserve the marine environment and species from unnecessary destruction and to increase social benefits in the fishing sector. BLOOM wages awareness and advocacy campaigns in order to accelerate the adoption of concrete solutions for the oceans, humans and the climate. BLOOM carries out scientific research projects, independent studies and evaluations that highlight crucial and unaddressed issues such as the financing mechanisms of the fishing sector. BLOOMs actions are meant for the general public as well as policy-makers and economic stakeholders.

The state of the ocean

The oceans have been bled dry: overexploited, polluted and devastated by destructive fishing methods. They are being methodically emptied of their extraordinary resources, which were long believed to be inexhaustible and, consequently, dramatically neglected by public opinion and public powers. This is a harsh awakening: jellyfish, algae and bacteria are progressively replacing fish in marine ecosystems. The United Nations estimate that fish could disappear from our seas by 2050… The oceans can no longer provide the countless services that they have silently given us for so long: on top of providing “free” food, they also absorb CO2 and regulate our climate. We are facing a looming ecological, health and socio-economic disaster.

BLOOM’s vision

BLOOM’s vision is to resist this fate by proving that dedicated action can reverse the course of environmental and human tragedy. BLOOM gives a voice to the voiceless and aims to ensure that humanity has a future where children have food and fishermen have jobs, by restoring ocean ecosystems to their full biological capacity.

BLOOM has made the strategic choice to remain small and to focus its energy and expertise on a few urgently-needed actions:

  • Preserving the last intact marine environment: the deep sea,
  • Safeguarding endangered species, by fighting the indifference towards the extinction of the oldest fish on our planet: sharks,
  • Ensuring the survival of fishermen, particularly through work on the issue of public subsidies to the fishing sector.

BLOOM’s fields of action

We do not believe in a “single magical action” that would allow us to solve the problems described above. This is why our objectives are channeled into four areas of strategic action; each area interacts with each other to enhance their chances of success, visibility and effectiveness.

BLOOM’s four key strategic areas

  1. Changing policy and private/industrial practices in response to ecological and socio-economic urgency
  2. Changing consumer habits
  3. Educating the public, children and future decision-makers
  4. Conducting independent research

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