Our Favorites

Paris Montagne

Since 2010 BLOOM has been a member of the scientific festival “Paris Montagne” at “Ecole Normale Supérieur” (Ulm). It is a fabulous festival intended to spread the understanding and love of science among young people.



An extraordinary programme that develops an essential education to build a better world, nurturing happy, tolerant and compassionate children.

The Blue Angel

The only organisation working to prevent the actions of pedophiles. The extraordinary woman behind this worthwile action is Latifa Bennari: Urgent support needed.

Dream Job

A new method of releasing the dreams of young people and allowing them to find their true path by listening to their inner voice: an infallible method of finding your vocation when you don’t believe you have one…

The Children of the Mekong

An extraordinary NGO that sponsors the education of children in Asia.

Youth Civic Service: Unis-Cité

Dedicating yourself to helping others for a period of 6-9 months, between the ages of 16-25, is a great challenge and the generous association “Unis-Cité” has created such a progam for young people in France. The is experience of solidarity is transformative, rewarding and allows young people to discover trades and forge vocations.

Sciences Po’s “Prix de l’engagement”

Sciences Po’s “Prix de l’engagement” rewards students with master’s degrees who are committed to serving society and the public interest, notably in the areas of solidarity and sustainable development.

The CNRS Plankton Chronicles



The first weather station to analyse air quality from an Iphone, ideal for predicting and analysing weather patterns.

Changing the present

Charitable giving in its very essence.

The Hornbill Foundation

Pilai Poonswad, the founder of the Hornbill Foundation, is simply a formidable woman. She has sacrificed her personal life to save the hornbills in the Thai forest and she is succeeding! Her brilliant idea was to transform the poachers who were killing the birds into a protection task force by giving them the guarantee of a small yet steady income. How does she do this? She runs an adoption program. Anyone can adopt a hornbill family and support their protection! Claire worked with Pilai in the jungle filming the birds for almost a year. Go ahead, don’t hesitate to support this conservation program, run by very hard-working people who really need your help.

Women for Women International

Helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives.

Shark Alliance

This coalition of NGOs is Europe’s shark conservation task force. Bloom became a member in March 2009.


The founder of ORCA, the fabulous Dr Edith Widder, winner of the MacArthur Genius Prize in 2006, invented Orca’s Eye-in-the-Sea streams live images of the deep sea! Edie also invented the perfect tool to measure the health of the oceans, otherwise known as ‘Kilroy’.

Deep Sea Conservation Coalition

A coalition much like Shark Alliance, but to protect vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems this time. A really good source of information as well.

Green for All

A green initiative that fights poverty and pollution in one fell swoop.

Portable Light

A great interdisciplinary project to create and develop new models for renewable lighting.

To-read Articles

A breathtaking article on education in Finland.

Négawatt’s manifesto about energy change

A book explaining facts and figures about women in the world, “Sois belle et bats toi” by Yolaine de la Bigne

Important Quotes

“Primative societies never thought that the frontiers of humanity stopped at the edge of where the human species lived, they did not hesititate to invite into their lives the tiniest plants, the smallest of animals.” Phillipe Descola, an extract from his inaugaral lecture at the College of France, 29th March 2001.

“Alexander de Humbolt had the intuition that the natural history of man is inseperable from the history of human nature.” Philippe Descola

“The edges of nature are always in tatters.” Alfred Whitehead, 1955, in The Concept of Nature.


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